What to Wear in February - 5 Stylish Outfits

What to Wear in February - 5 Stylish Outfits

Although it is quite cold out there but the spring is in the air. Those of us who live in the UK and use to having cold weather during this time of year. it is still nice to think that spring is not that far ahead.

Here are a few ideas and 5 stylish outfits regarding what to wear in February. 

Some layering still required in February but some vibrant colours in our outfits will lift the mood.  

black jacket, faux fur jacket, winter jacket, short winter jacket

This is a simple elegant casual look. The black faux fur teamed up with skinny jeans and long pair of boots are comfortable and cosy.


Red check scarf, winter scarf, tartan scarf, cosy scarf, long scarf, women's scarf

The red tartan check scarf is a good way of keeping warm and having a fashionable look. The look is paired with a lovely black faux fur jacket and skinny jeans. 


wool jacket, wool winter jacket, short jacket, black wool jacket


This wool winter jacket with stripped faux fur detail creates a lovely cosy look. it has been paired with knitted beanie hat. It is a sweet girly look in February. 


beige coat, beige faux fur jacket, winter jacket, faux fur hat, beige hat, winter women's hat


This look is combined of beige striped faux fur jacket and faux fur pill box style hat. It is a delightful fab look. It is a very cosy and fashionable look.



In this outfit the look is completed with thick blanket tooth dog pattern super warm scarf and black knitted beanie hat. The grey colour faux fur jacket creates a gorgeous cosy look.

These lovely looks create great inspiration for February while it is still cold these looks give undeniable relaxed classy look. The knee high boots are great choice to keep warm and complete the outfits beautifully.



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